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Palau International Coral Reef Center

29 April, 2015

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Palau Aquarium hosts Omekesang & Palau Parents Empowered during National Disability Awareness Week

On Thursday, April 23rd, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC’s) Chief Executive Officer Dr. Yimnang Golbuu and Chief Aquarist Asap Bukurrou welcomed Omekesang and Palau Parents Empowered to Palau Aquarium as part of the National Disability Awareness Week celebration.  After the welcome, Mr. Bukurrou took the group of over 20 members, including doctors, specialists and staff of the Behavioral Health Department of Belau National Hospital, on a guided tour around the aquarium. The group was amazed and excited to see Palau’s marine habitats as they moved from one exhibit to another. They learned about the diversity of Palau’s marine organisms starting from the Mangroves, Seagrass, Touch Tank, Inner Reef and all the indoor exhibits including the special displays on Palau’s Gobies. In addition to the special displays, they were also thrilled to see Sea Jellies and the Palau Nautilus.

Palau Aquarium’s pathway was constructed two years ago to incorporate wheelchair ramps to give disabled guests expanded access to viewpoints at the inner reef and touch tank exhibits. The main walking path through the outdoor aquarium exhibits to the touch tank exhibit and gazebos are located on a hill overlooking the main path and are wheelchair accessible. The path also extends around the Seagrass Exhibit, allowing for an elevated view of the exhibit.

PICRC is proud to be part of the National Disability Awareness Week and to showcase its facility and its efforts to be accessible to all the people, including the disabled. Palau Aquarium has an important role in the community and will continue to update and improve the displays and the facility to educate and accommodate all visitors.


27 April, 2015



PICRC’s educational programs reach majority of all students in Palau

On April 23, 2015,  87 students from George B. Harris Elementary School attended a presentation entitled "Sustainable Fishing Practices" at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) and toured the Palau Aquarium.  These 87 students brought the number of students that have been reached by PICRC’s educational programs since October 2014 (Fiscal Year 2015) to a total of 1,938 students from public and private schools in Palau.  Considering there are 3,159 students attending all elementary and high schools in Palau, the number of students that have been reached by PICRC’s programs is 61% of all the students in Palau.

The education programs include guided school tours of the aquarium, presentations on the theme of the Arts and Tides Calendar; presentations on the sustainable fishing practices; and school visits to give special presentations on various science topics such as ocean acidification and climate change.  PICRC’s five year strategic plan calls for Palau Aquarium to be a major interactive environmental awareness tool that will be utilized by educators, students, community members as well as visitors to Palau.  One of the main goals of PICRC this year is to increase the utilization of Palau Aquarium and the rest of the facilities at the Center toward student learning, especially about the marine environment.  In support of this goal, PICRC has been offering free admissions to all the students of Palau.

For more information about PICRC’s education programs or special school guided tour of Palau Aquarium, please contact Ms. Ines Kintoki at 488-6950 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



26 April, 2015



New record set for the number of students participating in PICRC’s Arts & Tides Calendar Contest

Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) held an awarding ceremony for the 2016 Arts & Tides Calendar on Friday, April 24th for all the winners of the art work contest.  A total of 1,051 students from fifteen primary schools and four secondary schools in Palau participated in the art contest, setting a new record for the highest number of participants in the Arts and Tides Calendar Contest. Twenty four students were selected as winners with their art work to be published in the 2016 Arts and Tides calendar.

The overall winner, twelve winners (representing each month) and the runners-up winners received cash prizes and certificates. The overall winner’s art work will be featured on the cover page, the runners up from each grade level will be featured on the back page of the calendar, and the twelve winners will have their artwork featured for each month inside the calendar.

Congratulations to the following winners; Vince Oisewang (Peleliu-Grade 1), Shanna R. Kadiasang (Angaur-Grade 2), Seije Tmetuchl (Angaur-Grade 3), Nele Gabriele Macasaet (Koror-Grade 4), Oreall Kloulechad (Koror-Grade 5), Xander Sam (Koror-Grade 6), D’Jud M. Tamtreng (Ngaremlengui-Grade 7), Elton Marcus Mangeron (Aimeliik-Grade 8), Clara Gene B. Macasaet (Palau High School-Grade 9), Corliss I. Reichi (Bethania High School-Grade 10), Elangel Y. Mesubed (Palau High School-Grade 12), Regina O. Ramarui (G.B.Harris-Grade 1), Mereng D. Yoshiwo (Peleliu-Grade 2), Simeon George (Airai-Grade 3), Geno Dencel Larsen (Angaur-Grade 4), Harrison N. George (Airai-Grade 5), Austin Jr. Masters (Airai-Grade 6), Justice Garry (Ngaremlengui-Grade 7), Rowell Beato (Meyuns-Grade 8), Jiuwell Sun Zhou (Palau Mission Academy-Grade 9), Notwe-Ruth George (Palau High School-Grade 10), Li Yunshu (Palau Mission Academy-Grade 11), Nena R. George (Palau High School-Grade 12) and the overall winner Jeremeah O. Noel (Ngaremlengui-Grade 8).

Through generous donations from local businesses in Palau, PICRC is able to hold this contest and prepare the 2016 Arts & Tides Calendar. Local sponsors donate to help offset production costs, printing and student prizes. The calendar theme is Importance of Grouper Spawning Areas in Palau”, and it will feature the local tides, moon phases, closed and open fish seasons, information on regulated marine species, and national holidays. Visit PICRC's website at or call 488-6950 for more information about the calendar.



22 April, 2015


PICRC host four students for Career Mentoring

On Monday, April 20th, four juniors from Palau High School (PHS) began their Career Mentoring at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC). The four students are Maikani O. Andres, Dahilia Ibelas, Tomoko Asanuma and Kyomi Sumang.  Career Mentoring is a one week program that was designed to give junior students opportunities to practice their skills that they have learned in school applied in a work environment.  This is one of the Work-Based Activity program under the Ministry of Education (MOE).

PICRC is a big supporter of Career Mentoring program because it provides opportunities for young people to experience real world experience outside of school setting. According to Ms. Geraldine Rengiil, the Head of the Research and Aquarium Department, “PICRC is happy to host the four students in the program. We hope that their experience at the Center will allow them to understand better the connection between school and careers”. PICRC envisions people empowered with science and knowledge for effective marine conservation and management. For more information about PICRC, visit or “Like” PICRC on Facebook.