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Palau International Coral Reef Center

18 July, 2014



A New Intern Student from Ridgefield joins PICRC

Isabella Spanos is a junior year high school student from Ridgefield, Connecticut in the United States of America. She is interning at Palau International Coal Reef Center (PICRC) for one month starting on July 7 to August 6, 2014.

Although the Republic of Palau is not very well known to the Western world from where she comes, Isabella has developed a passion for the nation and its diverse biology. She first became aware of Palau in middle school when she watched a video about oceans. Since then, she has researched the archipelago thoroughly, which is how she discovered PICRC and decided to apply for her internship. This is her first time visiting Palau and working at an aquarium, but Isabella intends to learn a lot and utilize her new knowledge in future ventures.

Isabella has been interested in science, specifically marine biology and the environment, since she was younger, and she hopes to explore this interest here at PICRC. She has taken on many extracurricular science-related projects at Ridgefield High School and has enrolled in AP level science courses in order to maximize her potential in the scientific field. In the future, she hopes to attend college and have a career in marine ecology.

Some of her past projects include launching a weather balloon with a camera to document an aerial view of the New England coast, competing and placing in statewide science competitions, and taking environmental initiatives in her town by encouraging appreciation of nature as well as the use of natural resources over synthetic materials. She also has some experience from snorkeling in Florida and in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Isabella is currently working with the Research and Aquarium Department to improve exhibit developments by assisting in the creation of new fish species IDs as well as in the management of displays. As an amateur photographer, she will also accompany some of PICRC’s research teams on their excursions to various research sites in order to document their work for the Center.

Isabella is very excited to join PICRC and take part in its research and development. Although she will only be here for one month, Isabella hopes to experience Palau’s exotic wonders and have a positive impact on the nation through her work with PICRC. For more information about the PICRC’s Research and Aquarium Programs, visit or “Like” PICRC on Facebook.





18 July, 2014


PCC Environmental Marine Science student completes internship at PICRC

Victor Rechirei is a student from Palau Community College (PCC) Environmental Marine Science who has completed his internship and Field Studies Class at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) which began on June 3rd and ended on July 11, 2014.  For his Field Studies Class, he conducted a research project with his mentor Dr. Takashi Kawai, a post-doctoral fellow from Palau Coral Reef Island Ecosystems (P-CoRIE) project dispatched by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Victor’s project was focused on his perspective on how climate change affects the marine environment. He collected measurements of temperature from several locations: Nikko Bay, Malakal Harbor, German Channel and Ngemelis as well as three tanks from the Palau Aquarium located at PICRC. The tanks that were measured were the Mangrove, Inner Reef and Outer Reef exhibitions. He used an instrument called AAQ Multi Parameter Water Quality sensor to measure the temperatures, pH, salinity, Dissolved Oxygen and turbidity in all the different locations. Base on his research, he suggests that climate change has at least increased surface temperature.

PICRC is thrilled to have hosted Victor from PCC this summer and support him in his field of study during his time at the Center. Victor’s internship at PICRC will not only support research, but his work will also contribute to knowledge and conservation efforts.

PICRC envisions people empowered with science and knowledge for effective marine conservation and management. Hosting of students will contribute to this vision.  For more information about PICRC, visit or “Like” PICRC on Facebook.



07 July, 2014


Palau Aquarium hosts Science Explorer Summer Camp

Palau Aquarium, the interpretive division of the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) hosted its 2nd Science Explorer Summer Camp program, from July 1st to 4th. The camp participants, aged 8-12 years old, became Science Explorers—keen observers who took part in various science activities and lab experiments. The camp covered lessons and lab activities on climate change, sea level rise, coral and chemistry including fun outdoor activities. Quizzes on lessons learned were done using the Touch Panel at the Aquarium. All of the kids were exposed to different science laboratory methods and took part in variety of educational activities.

Other activities included learning to reduce waste, pollution and protecting the marine environment. This involved hand crafts and fun games from the lessons taught in the class room. Everyone enjoyed making new friends and being a Science Explorer.

For more information about PICRC’s educational programs, call 488-6950 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Visit or “Like” PICRC on Facebook to find out more about PICRC’s programs and research. PICRC envisions people empowered with science and knowledge for effective marine conservation and management. The Science Explorer Summer Camp helps foster knowledge about marine conservation issues in Palau’s youth.



07 July, 2014



A Student from Connecticut joins PICRC as a Summer Intern

The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) welcomes intern, Justin Albert Roland, for a summer internship. Justin joined PICRC Research and Aquarium Department on June 16, to partner with the Researchers and Aquarists on developing research educational materials for PICRC. His main project focuses on producing an educational film on PICRC’s research programs and its importance for conservation and management.

Justin enjoys filming, exploring and interacting with new people as he visits new places. Justin is interested in the environmental sciences and is eager to experience Palau’s underwater. He was born in Guam, attended St. John High School and then transferred to Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, United States (US). He was an intern student at Palau Aquarium last year, assisting the Aquarists with the maintenance of the aquarium tank, habitat displays and collecting fish and corals for the tanks. Justin enjoyed his first internship at PICRC and returned this time to learn and gain more knowledge about the marine environment of Palau. He will be with PICRC for five weeks until July 15th.

Justin is thrilled to have his internship at PICRC where he is given the chance to explore Palau, learn more about research underwater, and interact with new people. In return, he will contribute his talents to PICRC outreach and education efforts as well as assists Research field activities. PICRC is grateful for interns such as Justin, because they bring their energy, knowledge and skills to PICRC’s programs and projects.

PICRC is committed to guide efforts supporting coral reef stewardship through research and its applications for the people of Palau, Micronesia, and the world. For more information about the PICRC’s Research and Aquarium Programs, visit or “Like” PICRC on Facebook.


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